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    Laurie Anderson's photo gallery.


    Laurie Anderson radio broadcast from Artangel on Vimeo.

    Laurie Anderson stayed in A Room for London, a one-bedroom installation above the River Thames, from 24 - 25 March 2012. On the last night of her residency, she made a new sound piece, a radio show streamed live from the Room.

    00:32:24 min / vimeo




    Gray Rabbit Installation at Glenbow Museum in Calgary, CA, 2012

    00:01:40 min / 10.08mb




    Forty-Nine Days in the Bardo, Fabric Workshop and Museum, 2012

    00:01:46 min / 10.33mb




    Electric Chair

    00:00:57 min / 5.6mb




    GRITtv: Laurie Anderson: Still the Same War

    00:02:25 min




    The Accessible Aquarium

    On February 2nd and 3rd Laurie visited GaTech to take part in the cross campus research project “The Accessible Aquarium.” Students and faculty examined how she sonifies visual stimuli (in this case fish) through music, first while watching videos in GTCMT’s recording studio and then with the real thing at the Georgia Aquarium. She provided researchers with valuable data with her stunning performances coalescing acoustics and electronics.

    00:00:56 min / 6.5mb




    Lost Art of Conversation

    Performed by Laurie and Band with special guest Lou Reed at Joe’s Pub, NYC,
    March 18, 2007. Video courtesy of SBG

    05:43 min / 12.7mb